Grade Manchester United players at home, beating Sheffield United 4-2

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Grade Manchester United players at home, beating Sheffield United 4-2 in the Premier League game. Last night

Bruno Fernandes ”Man of the Match”. Harry Maguire scores for the Red Devils for the second game in a row.

listPremier League 2023/24, Gameweek 34
race dayWednesday night, April 24, 2024
stadiumOld Trafford
Competition resultsManchester United 4-2 Sheffield United

Manchester United players ratings 

Andre Onana – 4/10

The first goal that the team lost, he intended to give the ball to Dalot, but it was not good, not thorough, causing the team to lose a goal. He must take this child in full.

Diogo Dalot – 6/10

Started off well with a long shot ยูฟ่าเบท within the first 30 seconds but failed to get past the away goalkeeper.

In the second half, the goal in which the team was leading 2-1, the beginning of the mistake came from him. Plus there’s a chance to make amends from a solo moment. But he decided to shoot too late.

However, the team closed the box 4-2, credit to his long pass to Bruno.

Casemiro – 7/10

Played in the role of center back for the second consecutive match. He helped the defense many times. including interceptions (2), clearances (1), blocked shots (1) and tackles (3).

Harry Maguire – 7/10

Intercepted the ball at an important moment in the first half. And was the one who headed the team to a 1-1 draw, plus it was the second consecutive shot for the team.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6/10

Has returned to the right-back position again. But he did not make mistakes like the previous match against Coventry.

Christian Eriksen – 6/10

Passed the ball through the hole for Hoylund to slip in and have a chance to score.

Cobby Mainu – 6.5/10

usually fills up high He goes with the ball well. Doesn’t lose the ball easily and can call fouls for the team at least 2 times.

Antoni – 4/10

In the beginning, he was involved in the team’s attacking moments many times before gradually disappearing.

Bruno Fernandes (Captain) – 8/10

Place long balls with precision. He made 9 win-lose passes to give his teammates the opportunity to score, before scoring twice on a penalty kill and a stunning long-range shot. And ended with an assist for Hoylund to score a goal to close the box.

Alejandro Carnacio – 6/10

Flicker, able to attack the opponent’s back yard many times. But unfortunately missed two golden opportunities in the first half.

However, he helped the team score a 1-1 draw by opening the ball for Maguire to head in.

Rasmus Hoylund – 6/10

Drop down to connect the game many times. He had a chance to break free and try to score a goal. But he couldn’t convert it into a score in the first half.

However, he scored a goal from the box to help the team overtake and win 4-2.