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Knowledge of perfume

Knowledge of perfume for perfume lovers You may have seen some and wondered. What is the difference between EDP, EDT, EDC. Perfume is caused by a combination of plant oils. synthetic oil along with alcohol. Each type of will have a different proportion of the composition. FUN FACTS ABOUT “PERFUME” THAT YOU

Thai fruits are used as medicines.

Thai fruits are more useful than you think. Professor Netnapis Thananiwetkul from ยูฟ่าเบท the Institute of Nutrition Research Mahidol University explains that vitamins and minerals that our body receives from eating fruits every day. is like a lubricant that makes engines or processes of the body can function normally

Benefits of fruits and vegetables, 5 colors

for the baby Getting nutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables It will give you the nutritional value in its entirety. Which when it’s time for the baby to eat food Advise parents to keep finding 5 colors of fruits and vegetables for their children to eat. Today, we took the benefits

Why you always wake up with a stuffy nose

5 common reasons why you always wake up with a stuffy nose. Have you ever woken up in the morning and took a deep breath? for the first time of the day Only to find that you can’t take a deep breath through your nose. Many people deal

How to choose a women,s suit according to your body shape.

A women’s suit  is another item that many girls can’t live without. Wear it to work and look neat and outstanding. In addition to being a matter of fashion Women’s suits are even more important than that. Help adjust your look and personality to look confident and look like

Apply eyeliner to suit your eye shape.

In addition to the sleek style, applying eyeliner can also help make your eyes naturally bigger. Many in addition to wanting to put on makeup to make their eyes look more consistent with their look, Applying eyeliner also helps to make your eyes look sweet, charming, and goes