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Causes of “bad breath” that you may not know.

The most of the causes of bad breath about 90% come from within the mouth. Because bad breath is caused by a group of bacteria in the mouth. to decompose protein-type compounds that remain in the mouth and throat cause a foul smell health care. White patches on

What is Cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise Is the “heart” exercise, that is cardio is an exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the heart and lungs to be strong. Helps transport oxygen to the heart and lungs better and also stimulates the heart rate normalize blood pressure levels. And also burn energy from eating excess food

Benefits of pomegranate.

Pomegranate or Sakuro (ザクロ) is a fruit that contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Including anthocyanin, Ellagic acid and tannins. Free radicals that help prevent cancer and diseases caused by everyday life such as high blood pressure. And cardiovascular, etc., with details of

Popular breakfast overeating risky “Diabetes – Kidney “

Breakfast that is often attached to Thai people’s homes. If eaten a lot or for a long time. It may increase the risk of diabetes and kidney failure without knowing it. Sugar coated cereal or cereals with various flavors can increase the risk of developing kidney disease. Because cereal is

Everton thrashed Brighton 5-1.

Everton thrashed Brighton 5-1 in the Premier League last night. At Amex Stadium home of the Seagulls, who are hoping for European football quotas. Open their houses to deal with Blue Toffee Escape Team. After only 32 seconds, Everton took a 1-0 lead after intercepting the

Smith disappoints Leicester defense game.

Leicester boss Dean Smith said the football team’s defensive line had to improve. And it was no longer possible to defend like that. Leicester were beaten 3-5 by Fulham in the Premier League on Monday, taking the Foxes to 30 points from 35 games. “We

A must-have feature before teaching others to play poker

Believe me, every master, to become a poker master, will receive advice from an expert. or professional players before will increase the input Teaches on how to play, tips and tricks. That will help you to be more successful for any friend who needs expert advice. You’ll need to look at what

Is online lottery the same as the government lottery?

Online lottery are considered similar to tickets. Because it will come in the form of a small bill that you can print. The online bill that you play the lottery comes out as evidence kept by ourselves, but people bet online lottery. Most will not print out. but will be