Benefits of pomegranate.

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Pomegranate or Sakuro (ザクロ) is a fruit that contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Including anthocyanin, Ellagic acid and tannins. Free radicals that help prevent cancer and diseases caused by everyday life such as high blood pressure. And cardiovascular, etc., with details of nutrients that are beneficial to the health of pomegranate as follows:

Anthocyanin,  a red substance that nourishes eyesight and slows down aging UFABET

Ellagic acid  , which acts to suppress melanin production Help prevent blemishes. It also helps to suppress the secretion of a hormone called Resistin. A hormone that promotes obesity and diabetes .

Tannins  which are polyphenol compounds that have antibacterial activity. Regulates intestinal function and kills parasites.

A phytoestrogen called  Coumestrol  found in both the flesh and pomegranate seeds. This substance has properties similar to the female hormone estrogen, which is suitable for women.

Potassium   which helps excrete excess salt from the body and prevent edema of the body.

citric acid   which helps relieve tiredness from working well.

Pomegranate is another fruit that is beneficial to the body and helps prevent diseases or adverse conditions. The way to eat can be done by eating the whole seed or spewing the seeds out, squeezing them and blending them into smoothies, etc. We can buy pomegranates to eat easily. If you want our beloved adults to have a good memory for a long time. Try eating or drinking unsweetened pomegranate juice every morning.