Smith disappoints Leicester defense game.

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Leicester boss Dean Smith said the football team’s defensive line had to improve. And it was no longer possible to defend like that.

Leicester were beaten 3-5 by Fulham in the Premier League on Monday, taking the Foxes to 30 points from 35 games.

“We didn’t start the game with enough urgency and lose the door easily. The first half was a game where we completely lost. At a game at this level you can’t afford to take a three goal lead and expect to come back into the game.” Smith told Sky Sports UFABET

“We show some kind of spirit and I expect that. They’re not a bad group of players. Some people may experience psychological problems with pressure. That’s a matter for me and the team to solve to make sure we have the right team.

“We have given too many goals to our opponents. Plus throwing away a lot of opportunities this season We can’t play like that anymore.

“I understand their frustration in the first half. As well as frustration on the bench. We tried to change things and tried to show some pride in the second half.

“We can’t defend the way we do when we concede goals. This is our chance to work some things out and make sure we don’t have any holes in today’s game.”