Mikel Arteta admits he’s still in ‘a lot of pain’ over Arsenal’s decisive defeat at Newcastle

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Mikel Arteta admits defeat against Newcastle United on Monday night still haunting him Because it has a direct effect on the “cannon” to miss out on winning tickets to play the Champions The league next season,

Arsenal ended the season in a great way. With the opening home win over Everton 5-1, but they are chasing Tottenham Hotspur’s 5-0 win over Norwich City.

“We know we need a miracle. (to pass to play CL) but it didn’t happen. It’s like that In the end, the scoreboard doesn’t lie. The UFABET report

“It is true that last season Chelsea went to the Champions League with 67 points, we had 69 points and didn’t play. But that’s the level and requirement of this league right now.

“I can’t assess this season today, I’m sorry, I’m still in a lot of pain because of what happened on Monday. And I would like to give a fair assessment of what we have done.

“What I can guarantee is that we try to squeeze out every drop of the lemon as much as we can. We got to the point where we reached

“We know which way we have to go. The guilt of not reaching that level is very painful.”

When asked if he was satisfied with qualifying for the Europa League, Arteta said: “To be honest, I wasn’t pleased. ok I still hurt today

“That’s why I had to dust off. Then have to go on vacation for a bit. Because today I don’t think I can sit back and reflect on the season that came out of this approach.”