Manchester United flirts with Osimhen through agents for a year.

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British media reports that Manchester United have been in talks with representatives of Napoli striker Victor Osimhen for a year now.

The Nigerian striker has been instrumental in helping the Azzura win the Serie A title this season. After the 24-year-old scored 23 goals in 28 appearances and provided five assists Italian Super League.

Recently, it has been reported that many clubs have shown great interest in Osimhen. And one of them is Manchester United. 

Recently, The Express hit the news that the Red Devils have been talking to agents for over a year. Nonetheless, progress in different parts considered to be unclear in any way UFABET

In addition, the Red Devils could face a price problem. With media across Europe suggesting Napoli put them in the €150m range. Plus the club’s president insists there is no desire to let the Nigerian forward leave at the end of the season.

The Red Devils have news with many strikers, believing that Erik Ten Hag wants to get an offensive line. Especially the target spearhead to use in the next season. One of which has the name Ozimen included.

However, his story may actually have changed. Due to the latest Osimhen has revealed that at the age of 18. Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal at that time. Approached him to move to the team. Before his body declined back because at this moment, the cannon was not his best choice.