How are Baccarat and Pokdeng the same or different?

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If anyone who has tried playing baccarat from UFABET casino before, will find that playing baccarat is very similar to playing Thai bounce. Whether counting various points. And the methods of playing are quite the same. And there are different stages that are so similar that they are almost indistinguishable. but anyway. If anyone who plays these two types of cards. Will find that Baccarat and Pokdeng are not the same game anyway. The two games have both the same and different parts that we can separate the two games from each other as follows.

Similarities of Baccarat and Pokdeng

The playing style of cards , Baccarat and Pokdeng is the same in that it divides players into 2 parties, namely Player and Banker. Both sides will draw 2 cards each, then count the main points. Whichever side has more points wins and the cards dealt will be dealt to Player side. Before alternating to Banker side, so Player gets 1st and 3rd cards while Banker gets 2nd and 4th cards on both sides. One more card can be requested and the side with higher points wins.

What is the difference between Baccarat and Pok Deng?

Playing cards bounce that. There can be multiple players in each turn, one banker and multiple players. And the player must be the cardholder himself. When there are multiple players in one turn, if other players have more points. Than us We will be the loser in the end. Baccarat card game We don’t have to go down as players ourselves. There are only 2 players, namely Player and Banker. We can choose to bet on any side.

If the side that we bet can play, we will win and follow along. In the part of the poker cards, the flowers on the face of the cards affect the points and the wins and losses. As for Baccarat, the card’s suit has no effect on the game. Because Baccarat cards are counted at the result of losing or winning with the points on the card only. Calling the points of Baccarat and Pokdeng There is another part that is different. 8 and 9 points in Baccarat cards. But for Pokdeng, it is called Pok Eight and Pok Kao.

Even if the playing equipment is the same card Both games are different anyway. And if you want to analyze which kind of game is better or suitable to choose to play more, it must depend on the aptitude and preferences of each person. It is also called depending on the taste of each person.

For the game of Pok Deng, it is suitable for people who have played cards before and are familiar with playing Pok Deng very well. But for baccarat cards, whether people who have ever played bounce games, other card games before or not, can play baccarat because playing is easier and knowing the result of losing and winning in a faster time. too