“Cavani” gave bananas to fans after playing the last game for Man Utd

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Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani gives a middle finger to fans After the final match as a football “Red Devils”

, the 35-year-old striker is about to expire in the Old Town. Trafford next month And he will not expand and prepare to move out of the team.

On Sunday night he had the opportunity to start in the final game of the season at Man. United lost 1-0 to Crystal Palace,

Cavani played 90 minutes but couldn’t help the team. Fortunately, they still finished sixth in the table and grabbed Europa League tickets

after the game at Selhurst Park, the Uruguay international went on to thank the visiting fans in delight. while back in the last game at Old This season’s Trafford also has clips of young Man fans. United went in for a hug and asked him to stay with the team. until the clip went viral

However, as he was walking to the bus team after last night’s game, Cavani gave a middle finger to a group of fans who appeared to be scolding him. The UFABET report

It’s unclear what the debate was about but Cavani was apparently pointing the finger at the supporters and giving the thumbs up twice.

Cavani has played for United for two seasons, scoring 19 goals in 59 appearances.