Bernardo Silva insists Manchester City never want to win the Premier League

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Bernardo Silva has insisted Manchester City do not want to win any Premier League titles in the future, in a dramatic manner like what happened on Sunday when

City were beaten at home by Aston Villa. Lead 2-0 while the match was 14 minutes remaining while the other field Liverpool are chasing Wolves And if defeated, it will immediately overtake the championship sign.

However, “The Blues” came to shoot 3 goals within 5 minutes, considered a great comeback.

“I’m very happy and the way it happened makes it a little better. But let’s not try to do that again,” Silva said

. We still have to maintain confidence that it can turn around. UFABET report

“When you beat a good team like Liverpool It made me feel better. the past few years We have beaten all the top teams.

“It is unforgettable for me, for all the Ukrainians who are starving, who are surviving in my country because of Russian aggression,” Zinchenko said. “I’m so proud to be Ukrainian and I would like to bring this title to Ukraine one day because they deserve it.

“The support means everything to me, what people have done for me in this most difficult time of my life, I will never forget.

“At times, especially at the start, I didn’t think about football, it’s impossible to live with what’s happening in my country at the same time. With all the support I had, we did it.

“But once again we are the best team in England. And next year we will try to come back and give something more to the fans.”