How to choose a women,s suit according to your body shape.

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A women’s suit  is another item that many girls can’t live without. Wear it to work and look neat and outstanding. In addition to being a matter of fashion Women’s suits are even more important than that. Help adjust your look and personality to look confident and look like a working woman. We believe that many people have been. The day we pick up a suit and wear it, we will feel beautiful and look especially confident.

As everyone knows, each woman’s body shape is different. Therefore, we recommend how to choose a women’s suit according to your body shape. The selection method is as follows.

Pear shaped

For a pear shaped body It is the most common body shape among Thai girls or Asian girls. This is the characteristic of women’s shoulders, chest, and waist being small. But the lower part, like the hips The legs are larger. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

By how to choose a women’s suit For pear-shaped girls, they should choose to wear suits with patterns and should not wear suits that are too form-fitting. Because wearing a suit with a pattern will distract attention from making your bottom stand out too much. If you wear a plain colored suit, emphasize a colorful undershirt that contrasts with the outfit. You should also wear jewelry to make your upper body stand out.

Apple shape

Apple shaped bodies are the opposite of pear shaped women. Because apple-shaped women’s tops are bigger than their bottoms. We call apple-shaped girls chubby girls.

For how to choose a women’s suit Focus on clothing that fits properly, especially the shoulder width of the shirt must fit the width of the shoulders. Because apple-shaped girls already have broad shoulders. You should also not choose women’s suits that are too form-fitting.

Straight shape

A straight body type is a woman’s body shape that has no curves or curves. The chest, waist, and hips are all quite the same. and is the most common shape of a number of Asia girls.

For straight girls How to choose a women’s suit made from solid fabric that is already in shape. Or choose a suit with a flared hem. It will make you look more proportional. You can see that there is an additional curve.

hourglass shape

For women with an hourglass shape The dream figure is quite difficult to sculpt. Because it is a shape that has a concave part. The curves are clear, including a beautiful chest, a narrow waist, and wide hips, which makes any type of clothing look good and charming.

The method for choosing a women’s suit for a girl with an hourglass figure is quite simple. Because wearing any kind of suit looks quite good. You can wear a form-fitting suit with a belt that will make your figure more visible. It can make our shape stand out and be more beautiful.