Apply eyeliner to suit your eye shape.

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In addition to the sleek style, applying eyeliner can also help make your eyes naturally bigger. Many in addition to wanting to put on makeup to make their eyes look more consistent with their look, Applying eyeliner also helps to make your eyes look sweet, charming, and goes well with a natural makeup look. But how do you apply eyeliner to make your eyes look sweet. We have a method for depositing values.

ways to line your eyes and apply eyeliner To match each eye shape.

Girl with chubby eyes or narrow eyes. Best suited for drawing eyeliner on thick eyes. Just cut the eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes, starting from the corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. The tip of the tail flicks upward. Make the lines as thick as you like. Or you may write it slightly beyond the crease or eyelid. Just this, prepare to change from a chubby face to a beautiful and sour face immediately. Report by ufabet

Girls with hidden double eyelids. For girls with hidden double eyelids. It is recommended to draw eyeliner in a small line around the inner corner of the eye and in the middle of the eye. For the end, draw a thick line and sharpen the tip upwards.

Girl with deep, bulging eyes. Creating contrast will be the point of attracting the eyes to look more charming by drawing a thin line of eyeliner , drawing it as close to the upper and lower eyelids as possible.

A girl with big eyes.  Is an enviable girl. Because they have beautiful eye shapes, eyeliner for girls with big eyes is not necessary. You don’t have to use very thick lines. This event focuses on showing off your beautiful eyes to make them stand out by drawing a small line of eyeliner close to the edge of your eye, with the end extending slightly beyond the corner of your eye. This is just so beautiful and chic.

Girls with small eyes. With eyes that are relatively small and oval, girls should draw eyeliner in a thick line, emphasizing the tip or tail so that it is approximately 1/3 of the length of the eye in order to create a beautiful long eye shape.